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  • Added - Pet attack Genie

    Fixed - Block chat when typing a few words.

    Fixed - Magic pop - we make it easy to get items from Degree 1 to Degree 7 Star / Moon / SUN.

    Have a good game. - Team Ocean SRO

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  • Added - ticket of "SP" and "XP" 60% and 100% in the Item Mall (F10) - Team Ocean SRO

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  • Grand opening of our server, I count on your presence in this new adventure - Team OceanSRO


    - Same old server!
    - Difficult server but better gameplay
    - Will you want to be left out? venture too

    Server Stats

    Players online: 198/1000
    Experience rate: 1X
    Party Experience rate: 1.5x
    Gold drop coeficent: 1x
    Item drop coeficent: 1x

    Status :

    Gateway Server:
    Game Server:
    Accounts: 964
    Characters: 1242
    Guilds: 27

    Server Information

    • Cap: 100
    • Degree: 10
    • Start Level: 1
    • Race: CH/EUR
    • Max Plus: 12
    • Union Limit: 1
    • Guild Limit: 25
    • IP LIMIT/PC: 2
    • Auto Event: Enabled
    • Capture The Flag: Enabled
    • Trader Goods: Enabled
    • Forgotten World: Enabled

    Fortress War

    Server Time

    Server Time:
    Global Time:

    Latest 10 Unique Kills

    Favela has killed Demon Shaitan

    Favela has killed Isyutaru

    Sereness has killed Uruchi

    Favela has killed Lord Yarkan

    _Sanosuke has killed Captain Ivy

    0bito has killed Khulood

    Mad_Max has killed Cerberus

    _Sanosuke has killed Tiger Girl

    Favela has killed Demon Shaitan