Welcome to Ocean Silkroad Online.

Welcome to the new experience, we look forward to seeing you.

We are waiting for you in our server group for more information.  Oficial Ocean SRO

Hello friends users

[Ocean Silkroad Online.]

- Let the Battle begin in this new experience.
- CAP 100 Original Experience.
- Call friends to embark on this new adventure.

Here begins a new journey

Server Stats

Players online: 179/1000
Experience rate: 1X
Party Experience rate: 1.5x
Gold drop coeficent: 1x
Item drop coeficent: 1x

Status :

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 3744
Characters: 7657
Guilds: 99

Server Information

  • Cap: 100
  • Degree: 10
  • Start Level: 1
  • Race: CH/EUR
  • Max Plus: 12
  • Union Limit: 1
  • Guild Limit: 25
  • Job Temple: Enabled
  • Auto Event: Enabled
  • Capture The Flag: Enabled
  • Trader Goods: Enabled
  • Forgotten World: Enabled

Fortress War

Server Time

Server Time:
Global Time:

Latest 10 Unique Kills

Rakina has killed Medusa

IMPACTO_ has killed Demon Shaitan

BakuraRyou has killed Lord Yarkan

TheHater has killed Kidemonas

PamelIaSmara has killed Isyutaru

BakuraRyou has killed Uruchi